At Da Artisti, we strive to make art accessible to all, and if that means getting specialty products to you, we’ll do it! 

Modeling Glass Starter Kits

$33.95 CA + Shipping + HST

You can turn glass powder into a moldable, sculptable material similar to clay using the two-part Modeling Glass Starter Kit. The Powdered Binder is a food-grade, nontoxic cellulose-based material that reacts with water as a thickener. The Liquid Medium is also food-grade and nontoxic, and combines with water to give body and smoothness to the Modeling Glass, while preventing stickiness. Both the Binder and the Liquid Medium burn away during firing, leaving pure glass behind.

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UGC Enamels & MUD

USD Price + Shipping + HST

UGC products will allow you to create beautiful works of art, both kiln fired and non-fired, on many different surfaces. UGC currently has four kiln fired colour lines - Original, NT, Artisan and Accent - that are for commercial applications, hobbyists and artisans. These colours can be fired along with UGC MUD, which is a glass based Texture Medium that can air dry to a rock hard state.

These colours kiln fire in the 1425F to 1550F firing range. Surfaces include - float glass, porcelain, terra cotta, recycled glass, specialty glass, pre-fired pottery and most any glass that can fire within that range. The colours can fire to much hotter temperatures when used on surfaces other than glass.

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