At Da Artisti, we provide experienced professional and recreational artists a studio space to express themselves. Whether it be alone or in the presence of others, this is the place where creativity flourishes.

We have all the tools, equipment and materials required to experiment with the creation of fused glass or stained glass works, but also have the studio space to accommodate those who prefer to exploit other mediums, such as acrylic, watercolour or oil paint, linocut prints, charcoal drawing, and handworked clay.

For those unfamiliar with fused glass, that would love an inside look to the world of fused glass works, we would be delighted to offer you introductory lessons. Visit the lessons tab of our website to learn more. 

Studio time is made available by appointment, and we invite you to use our scheduling tool below to book your space.  In 2020, Thursday nights between 5 pm and 8 pm, are reserved for glass artists.  Rate is $10 per hour and includes 1 sq ft of kiln space,  You must register by 4 pm!